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Spectrum of the volume integral operator of the three-dimensional electromagnetic scattering is analyzed. The operator has both continuous essential spectrum, which dominates at lower frequencies, and discrete eigenvalues, which spread out at higher ones. The explicit expression of the operator's symbol provides exact outline of the essential spectrum for(More)
We present a simple and unified classification of macroscopic electromagnetic resonances in finite arbitrarily inhomogeneous isotropic dielectric 3D structures situated in free space. By observing the complex-plane dynamics of the spatial spectrum of the volume integral operator as a function of angular frequency and constitutive parameters, we identify and(More)
The new approximate numerical solutions of some inverse problems of electrodynamics allow to increase angular resolution of radar-tracking systems based on antenna arrays. The method of imaging point targets in the multiple targets with the help of UWB signals is developed which is not complicated for practical realization in real-time operation mode. A(More)
An approximate analytical expression is derived for the two-dimensional incoherent optical transfer function (OTF) of an imaging system invariant to second-order aberrations. The system broadband behavior resulting from a third-order phase mask in its pupil plane is analyzed by using the two-dimensional stationary phase method. This approach does not(More)
The slipped loop structure, earlier identified as an unusual DNA structure, was found to be a possible element of the RNA folding. In order to experimentally test this suggestion, model oligoribonucleotides capable of forming the SLS were synthesized. Treatment of the oligoribonucleotides with nuclease S1 and RNases specific for single- and double-stranded(More)
Dimerization of two copies of genomic RNA is a necessary step of retroviral replication. In the case of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) the process is explored in many details. It is proved that conserved stem-loop structure is an essential element in RNA dimerization. Similar model of two-step dimerization mechanism can be considered for avian(More)
We construct the singular mode corresponding to a spatial essential spectrum of the integral operator for the scattering of the electromagnetic waves by a three-dimensional body of finite size with inhomogeneous and anisotropic dielectric per-mittivity tensor. The permittivity tensor field is assumed to be Hölder continuous throughout the whole space. The(More)
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