Alexander B. Blinov

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We present a system dynamics approach for modeling mobile service competitive market and forecasting market development. The model includes dynamic competition between operators. Pricing policy, service quality, subscriber base, potential subscribers, marketing, etc influence their number of subscribers. The task of defining the market share carrying(More)
The paper presents the equipment of the up-to-date photo laboratory set developed and delivered by the closed joint stock company "Roentgen-Komplekt" jointly with the closed joint stock company "Amico" (Russia). Devices for manual development of X-ray films, drying cabinets, negatoscopes, a lantern, developing frames, a laboratory assistant's X-ray table,(More)
In the paper versatile study of radiation dose of the medical personnel is carried out at rentgenosurgery with application of tissue-equivalent phantoms. For the first time spectrometric study of dissipated radiation by object is carried out, normalized to unit of exposition dose fields around of the object are constructed.
In X-ray diagnostic units, digital image intensifiers with a SSD matrix have recently been used instead of vacuum vidicons. Along with the well-known advantage of SSD matrixes, they fail to reach the capacities of vidicons in transmitting movable images. The authors consider that the way out of this situation is to use recursive filters and arithmetic logic(More)
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