Alexander B. Akani

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Results: A total of 300 subjects were recruited for the study, of which 210 (70%) were fish smokers. The mean age was 31.46 ± 13.03 years, with the majority (42.0%) having only primary school education. The prevalence of respiratory symptoms amongst the subjects was 86.7%, the most frequent of which were catarrh (30.48%) and a cough (28.57%). The(More)
One of the dreaded disfiguring disease conditions among the Andoni tribesmen in the Nigerian Niger delta region is hydrocele, especially when its size is large (giant hydrocele) and it cannot be concealed. This case-control study was designed to evaluate the prevalence of depression among patients with giant hydrocele presenting to Bethesda Clinic Ngo,(More)
INTRODUCTION Crude oil is used as traditional medicine among rural dwellers in South-south Nigeria. Although complications have been reported following its use, this rural populace holds tenaciously to an erroneous belief in its efficacy in treating many ailments. Despite this widespread use there are no known studies from the region on the use of crude oil(More)
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