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In this article we propose algebraic universal procedure for deriving " fusion rules " and Baxter equation for any integrable model with U q (sl 2) symmetry of Quantum Inverse Scattering Method. Baxter Q-operator is got from the certain infinite dimensional representation of the Universal R-matrix for U q (sl 2) affine algebra. The algebraic properties of(More)
Molecular-electronic transducers (MET) have a high conversion coefficient and low power consumption, and do not require precision mechanical components thus allowing the construction of cost- and power-efficient seismic accelerometers. Whereas the instrumental resolution of a MET accelerometer within the 0.1-100 Hz frequency range surpasses that of the best(More)
Modern molecular electronic transfer (MET) angular motion sensors combine high technical characteristics with low cost. Self-noise is one of the key characteristics which determine applications for MET sensors. However, until the present there has not been a model describing the sensor noise in the complete operating frequency range. The present work(More)
To guarantee the highest productivity of the supercomputer, its maintenance requires constant monitoring of the performance of all critical components, discovering all types of failures, automatic decision-making in case of a failure, and immediate operator notification about the supercomputer's current status. Until all of these requirements are met,(More)