Alexander Anichtchenko

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Species of the genus Singilis Rambur, 1837 (Phloeozeteus Peyron, 1856, syn. n., Agatus Motschulsky, 1845, syn. n.), occurring in the Middle East and Central Asia are reviewed, with 24 species now recognized in the region, including ten species described as new: Singilis makarovisp. n. (Tajikistan), Singilis jedlickaisp. n. (Afghanistan), Singilis(More)
The species of subgenus Pseudochlaeniellus Jeannel, 1949 (Carabidae: Chlaenius) from Oriental region are revised. The following new synonyms and new combinations are proposed: C. (Pseudochlaeniellus) puncticollis Dejean, 1826 = C. (P.) panjabensis Kirschenhofer, 1998 syn. n.; C. (P.) germanus Chaudoir, 1876 = Chlaenius laevipennis Chaudoir, 1876: 196 syn.(More)
Two new species of the genus Craspedophorus Hope, 1838 from the Philippine Islands namely, C.luzonensis sp. nov. and C. kirschenhoferi sp. nov. are described and their affinities are discussed, illustrated and compared with related taxa. Craspedophorus luzonensis sp. nov., from Luzon, belongs to the "obscurus species group, whereas C. kirschenhoferi sp.(More)
Foveocrotaphus gen. nov. and new species F. burmanicus from Myanmar is described. The new genus is similar to Physocrotaphus Parry, with respect to shape and structure of ligula and paraglossae. The two genera can be diagnosed easily by median tooth of mentum, bifid in Physocrotaphus, i.e. Foveocrotaphus gen. n. has simple, narrow and pointed. Is(More)
A new species of Pseudotetracha from Northern Territory, Australia, is described and compared with Pseudotetracha marginicollis (Sloane, 1906). The position of the species in the genus and the subgeneric classification of Pseudotetracha Fleutiaux, 1894 are discussed. It is proposed that the genus would be divided into the following species groups:(More)
The paper deals with the taxonomy of bicolor-group of species of genus Singilis Rambur, 1837 known from North Africa and South Spain. The species S. soror Rambur, 1837 is treated as polytipic and one new combination and new synonymy are proposed: S. soror melillensis Escalera, 1914 comb. n., S. pardoi Mateu, 1954 syn. n. = Singilis soror riffensis Mateu,(More)
Nine new species of the genus Singilis from Africa are described: Singilis (s.str.) shavrini sp. n. (Kenya, Tanzania), S. (s.str.) africaorientalis sp. n. (Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania, Kenya, RSA, Zambia, Zimbabwe), S. (s.str.) burtoni sp. n. (Zambia, Zimbabwe), S. (s.str.) paganeli sp. n. (RSA), S. (s.str.) somalicus sp. n. (Somalia), S. (s.str.) haekeli(More)
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