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There is a general consensus that supports the need for standardized reporting of metadata or information describing large-scale metabolomics and other functional genomics data sets. Reporting of standard metadata provides a biological and empirical context for the data, facilitates experimental replication, and enables the re-interrogation and comparison(More)
Potential photoactivation of certain pharmaceuticals, cosmetic ingredients and natural products by sunlight (e.g., phenothiazines, arylsulfonamides, or coumarins) has to be considered early on in development in order to avoid serious adverse effects (for example phototoxic or photoallergic reactions). Current clinical trial registration guidelines (FDA May(More)
In 2013, the Board of the Directors of the Metabolomics Society commissioned a new award scheme to recognise the excellent research published in the journal Metabolo-mics. Each year from 2013 onwards the Society will rec-ognise the top papers within the following categories: • Best paper award—for the paper with the highest total number of citations during(More)
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