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Structure of light fields in natural scenes.
Light fields [J. Math. Phys. 18, 51 (1936); The Photic Field (MIT, 1981)] of natural scenes are highly complex and vary within a scene from point to point. However, in many applications complexExpand
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Representing the light field in finite three-dimensional spaces from sparse discrete samples.
We present a method for measurement and reconstruction of light fields in finite spaces. Using a custom-made device called a plenopter, we can measure spatially and directionally varying radianceExpand
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Light field constancy within natural scenes.
The structure of light fields of natural scenes is highly complex due to high frequencies in the radiance distribution function. However it is the low-order properties of light that determine theExpand
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Spatial properties of light fields in natural scenes
We show that low order approximations of natural light fields vary smoothly and systematically, in accordance with very simple models. Expand
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Analysis of second order light fields in closed 3D spaces
We present a method for measurement and reconstruction of second order approximations of light fields in closed spaces. We visualized their structure using light tubes and rendered objects at severalExpand
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