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Cells test substrate rigidity by local contractions on submicrometer pillars
Cell growth and differentiation are critically dependent upon matrix rigidity, yet many aspects of the cellular rigidity-sensing mechanism are not understood. Here, we analyze matrix forces afterExpand
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α-Actinin links extracellular matrix rigidity-sensing contractile units with periodic cell-edge retractions
During cell migration, the cell edge undergoes periodic protrusion–retraction cycles. Quantitative analyses of the forces at the cell edge that drive these cycles are provided. We show that α-actininExpand
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High-Throughput Mechanobiology Screening Platform Using Micro- and Nanotopography.
We herein demonstrate the first 96-well plate platform to screen effects of micro- and nanotopographies on cell growth and proliferation. Existing high-throughput platforms test a limited number ofExpand
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Sarcomere-Like Units Contract Cell Edges
Extracellular matrix rigidity directs cell behavior and key processes in development and tumorigenesis. During spreading and migration, cells produce periodic lamellipodial protrusion retractionsExpand
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