Alexander A. Zamyatnin

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Natural oligopeptides may regulate nearly all vital processes. To date, the chemical structures of nearly 6000 oligopeptides have been identified from >1000 organisms representing all the biological kingdoms. We have compiled the known physical, chemical and biological properties of these oligopeptides--whether synthesized on ribosomes or by non-ribosomal(More)
This review presents findings on a new family of antibacterial proline-rich oligopeptides--pyrrhocoricin, drosocin, apidaecin, and formaecin--isolated from insects. The functional and physicochemical properties of proline-rich oligopeptides are considered, a role of proline in their antibacterial activity is discussed, and experimental evidence is given in(More)
Structures and functions of about 700 oligopeptides of various plants are presently known. However, only one polypeptide has been isolated from grapes and characterized. At the same time, tens of thousands of uncharacterized amino acid sequences have been revealed in this plant, among which there can also be precursors of oligopeptide regulators. Due to the(More)
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