Alexander A. Soloviev

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Pilot experiments on using molecular markers in the breeding of winter wheat that were conducted at the Lukyanenko Agricultural Research Institute are described. The most efficient methods for using markers when developing new cultivars are outlined. The genes that are responsible for valuable agronomic traits were identified in varieties that are bred at(More)
The use of point diffraction interferometry is reported for measuring minutes, on the order of 0.01 arcsec angular movements. The algorithm for determining the angular displacement by the dynamics of the interference pattern is described. We also demonstrate results for applying this method to the study of the linearity and hysteresis of the angular shift(More)
Problems in the application of a null lens for surface shape measurements of aspherical mirrors are discussed using the example of manufacturing an aspherical concave mirror for the beyond extreme ultraviolet nanolithographer. A method for allowing measurement of the surface shape of a sample under study and the aberration of a null lens simultaneously, and(More)
The laser wakefield acceleration electron beams can essentially deviate from the axis of the system, which distinguishes them greatly from beams of conventional accelerators. In case of energy measurements by means of a permanent-magnet electron spectrometer, the deviation angle can affect accuracy, especially for high energies. A two-screen single-shot(More)
Thermal lens measurements were made by means of a high-accuracy phase shift interferometer that combines a lambda/1000 sensitivity and 10 microm transverse resolution. The effect of random small-scale modulation in thermally induced phase distortion predicted earlier was proved experimentally. The statistical parameters of modulation were measured depending(More)
We present a novel, to the best of our knowledge, method for measuring the intensity profile of far-IR beams. The method is based on the measurements of nonstationary variation in optical thickness of a fused-silica plate heated by the studied radiation. The optical thickness is observed by means of a reflecting interferometer. Purpose-made experimental(More)
Analysis by real-time PCR of single and double insertion mutants of A. thaliana with inactivated cytokinin receptor genes showed that the level of transcripts of some of plastid genes during skotomorphogenesis depended on the state of functionally active receptor AHK3. The cytokinin-regulated plastid encoded genes involved the housekeeping genes (rpoB and(More)
Socioeconomic and natural complex systems persistently generate extreme events also known as disasters, crises, or critical transitions. Here we analyze patterns of background activity preceding extreme events in four complex systems: economic recessions, surges in homicides in a megacity, magnetic storms, and strong earthquakes. We use as a starting point(More)