Alexander A. Soloviev

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The chromosome preparation is a crucial step for obtaining satisfactory results in molecular cytogenetic researches. The preparation of plant chromosomes for molecular cytogenetic purposes remains a challenge for some species. In contrast to human chromosome preparation, the processes occurring during plant chromosome preparation and causing chromosome(More)
Pilot experiments on using molecular markers in the breeding of winter wheat that were conducted at the Lukyanenko Agricultural Research Institute are described. The most efficient methods for using markers when developing new cultivars are outlined. The genes that are responsible for valuable agronomic traits were identified in varieties that are bred at(More)
Analysis by real-time PCR of single and double insertion mutants of A. thaliana with inactivated cytokinin receptor genes showed that the level of transcripts of some of plastid genes during skotomorphogenesis depended on the state of functionally active receptor AHK3. The cytokinin-regulated plastid encoded genes involved the housekeeping genes (rpoB and(More)
A collection of spring hexaploid triticale cultivars and promising breeding lines has been examined for the presence of wheat Rht-B1b, Rht-B1e, and Rht8c semidwarfing genes and the rye Hl semidwarfing gene. It was discovered in spring triticale that these semidwarfing genes are represented by only one, the Rht-B1b wheat gene. The presence of this gene is(More)
Dioecy is relatively rare among plant species, and distinguishable sex chromosomes have been reported in few dioecious species. The multiple sex chromosome system (XX/XY1Y2) of Humulusjaponicus Siebold et Zuccarini, 1846 differs from that of other members of the family Cannabaceae, in which the XX/XY chromosome system is present. Sex chromosomes of(More)
Methods and algorithms for event reconstruction in the CBM experiment are described. All these results have been developed and presented by the LIT team on CBM collaboration meetings in years 2004-2005. Introduction The CBM Collaboration [1, 2] builds a dedicated heavy-ion experiment to investigate the properties of highly compressed baryonic matter as it(More)
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