Alexander A Rusakov

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The leghaemoglobins have oxygen affinities 11 to 24 times higher than that of sperm whale myoglobin, due mainly to higher rates of association. To find out why, we have determined the structures of deoxy- and oxy-leghaemoglobin II of the lupin at 1.7 A resolution. Results confirm the general features found in previous X-ray analyses of this protein. The(More)
Including finite-temperature effects from the electronic degrees of freedom in electronic structure calculations of semiconductors and metals is desired; however, in practice it remains exceedingly difficult when using zero-temperature methods, since these methods require an explicit evaluation of multiple excited states in order to account for any(More)
Two-component relativistic density functional theory combined with high-level ab initio correlation techniques was applied to the study of the electronic structure and isomerism of Au(3). All calculations were performed with accurate small-core shape-consistent relativistic pseudopotentials. Density functional theory was used to determine the equilibrium(More)
Despite recent advances, systematic quantitative treatment of the electron correlation problem in extended systems remains a formidable task. Systematically improvable Green's function methods capable of quantitatively describing weak and at least qualitatively strong correlations appear as promising candidates for computational treatment of periodic(More)
Calculating the enthalpy of formation of a polymer with ab initio methods requires two choices. The first decision is whether to use oligomeric extrapolation or periodic boundary conditions to model the extended system, and the second choice is between formation reactions to be modeled, for example, formation from atoms, formation from standard states, or(More)
Space group symmetry is exploited and implemented in density functional calculations of extended systems with periodic boundary conditions. Our scheme for reducing the number of two-electron integrals employs the entire set of operations of the space group, including glide plains and screw axes. Speedups observed for the Fock matrix formation in simple 3D(More)
Embedding calculations that find approximate solutions to the Schrödinger equation for large molecules and realistic solids are performed commonly in a three step procedure involving (i) construction of a model system with effective interactions approximating the low energy physics of the initial realistic system, (ii) mapping the model system onto an(More)
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