Alexander A Radzievsky

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Quantitative receptor binding autoradiography was used to study the NK1, NMDA, 5HT1a, and 5HT2 receptor binding densities in the adult rat lumbar spinal cord from 3 days to 20 weeks following a unilateral crush lesion of the sciatic nerve. NK1 binding density increased unilaterally in the superficial dorsal horn on the side of the sciatic crush to reach(More)
Millimeter wave (MMW, 42.25 GHz)-induced changes in electrical activity of the murine sural nerve were studied in vivo using external electrode recordings. MMW were applied to the receptive field of the sural nerve in the hind paw. We found two types of responses of the sural nerve to MMW exposure. First, MMW exposure at the incident power density >/=45(More)
Following surgical deafferentation of the spinal cord, cut dorsal roots degenerate, and spared projections compensate for this loss by collateral sprouting (reactive reinnervation). Light microscopic immunocytochemistry has shown sprouting by selected undamaged intraspinal projections, including those that express the transmitters substance P and serotonin.(More)
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