Alexander A. Kim

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Z-Pinch Inertial Fusion Energy (Z-IFE) complements and extends the single-shot zpinch fusion program on Z to a repetitive, high-yield, power plant scenario that can be used for the production of electricity, transmutation of nuclear waste, and hydrogen production, all with no CO2 production and no long-lived radioactive nuclear waste. The Z-IFE concept uses(More)
Most of the modern high-current high-voltage pulsed power generators require several stages of pulse conditioning (pulse forming) to convert the multimicrosecond pulses of the Marx generator output to the 40-300-ns pulses required by a number of applications including X-ray radiography, pulsed high-current linear accelerators, <i>Z</i>-pinch, isentropic(More)
We are actively pursuing the development of new accelerators based on the novice technology of Linear Transformer Driver (LTD). LTD based drivers are considered for many applications including future very high current Z-pinch drivers like ZX and Z-pinch IFE (Inertial Fusion Energy). The salient feature of the approach is switching and inductively adding the(More)
Up to now, the Square Pulse LTDs consisting of only 1<sup>st</sup> and 3<sup>rd</sup> harmonic bricks were developed and tested [1]. At the same time, discussions with pulsed power scientists indicated that the Square Pulse LTDs with additional 5<sup>th</sup> harmonic bricks might be even more interesting for some applications. Such LTDs could produce(More)
The author of this article considers specific character of Silla policy during the war between Chinese Empire Tang and Bohai – northern neighbor of the Korean state. This war is known to be important for the East Asian region, as it changed the political situation in the medieval Far East. Both sides used military contingents from allies and vassals. These(More)
Spark gap switches, storage capacitors, and ferromagnetic cores are the most important components of the Linear Transformer Driver (LTD) cavities. Depending on their output voltage and current, LTD-based accelerators may need several thousands switches, hence the switch lifetime is of crucial importance. Unlike the capacitors and the cores, the LTD switches(More)
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