Alexander A Izotov

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A. Airapetian,30 N. Akopov,30 Z. Akopov,30 M. Amarian,6, 30 V.V. Ammosov,22 A. Andrus,15 E.C. Aschenauer,6 W. Augustyniak,29 R. Avakian,30 A. Avetissian,30 E. Avetissian,10 P. Bailey,15 V. Baturin,21 C. Baumgarten,19 M. Beckmann,5 S. Belostotski,21 S. Bernreuther,8 N. Bianchi,10 H.P. Blok,20, 28 J. Blümlein,6 H. Böttcher,6 A. Borissov,17 A. Borysenko,10 M.(More)
A method for detection and identification of core antigen of hepatitis C virus (HCVcoreAg)-containing particles in the serum was proposed, with due account taken of the interactions of proteotypic peptides with Na(+), K(+), and Cl(-) ions. The method is based on a combination of reversible biospecific atomic force microscopy (AFM)-fishing and mass(More)
Atomic force microscopy (AFM) was applied to carry out direct and label-free detection of gp120 human immunodeficiency virus type 1 envelope glycoprotein as a target protein. This approach was based on the AFM fishing of gp120 from the analyte solution using anti-gp120 aptamers immobilized on the AFM chip to count gp120/aptamer complexes that were formed on(More)
K. Ackerstaff, A. Airapetian, N. Akopov, I. Akushevich M. Amarian, E.C. Aschenauer, H. Avakian, R. Avakian, A. Avetissian, B. Bains, C. Baumgarten, M. Beckmann, St. Belostotski, J.E. Belz, Th. Benisch, S. Bernreuther, N. Bianchi, J. Blouw, H. Böttcher, A. Borissov, J. Brack, S. Brauksiepe, B. Braun, B. Bray, St. Brons, W. Brückner, A. Brüll, E.E.W. Bruins,(More)
An approach combining atomic force microscopy (AFM) fishing and mass spectrometry (MS) analysis to detect proteins at ultra-low concentrations is proposed. Fishing out protein molecules onto a highly oriented pyrolytic graphite surface coated with polytetrafluoroethylene film was carried out with and without application of an external electric field. After(More)
A. Airapetian, N. Akopov, Z. Akopov, M. Amarian, 32 V.V. Ammosov, A. Andrus, E.C. Aschenauer, W. Augustyniak, R. Avakian, A. Avetissian, E. Avetissian, P. Bailey, V. Baturin, C. Baumgarten, M. Beckmann, S. Belostotski, S. Bernreuther, N. Bianchi, H.P. Blok, 30 H. Böttcher, A. Borissov, M. Bouwhuis, J. Brack, A. Brüll, I. Brunn, G.P. Capitani, H.C. Chiang,(More)
A. Airapetian,32 N. Akopov,32 M. Amarian,24,27,32 E. C. Aschenauer,13,14,6 H. Avakian,10 R. Avakian,32 A. Avetissian,32 E. Avetissian,10,32 B. Bains,15 C. Baumgarten,22 M. Beckmann,12 S. Belostotski,25 J. E. Belz,28,29 Th. Benisch,8 S. Bernreuther,8 N. Bianchi,10 J. Blouw,24 H. Böttcher,6 A. Borissov,6,14 M. Bouwhuis,15 J. Brack,4 S. Brauksiepe,12 B.(More)
Production and decay angular distributions were extracted from measurements of exclusive electroproduction of the ρ 0 (770) meson over a range in the virtual photon negative four-momentum squared 0.5 < Q 2 < 4 GeV 2 and the photon-nucleon invariant mass range 3.8 < W < 6.5 GeV. The experiment was performed with the Hermes spectrometer, using a(More)
The HERMES experiment is collecting data on inclusive and semi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering of polarised positrons from polarised targets of H, D, and 3 He. These data give information on the spin structure of the nucleon. This paper describes the forward angle spectrometer built for this purpose. The spectrometer includes numerous tracking chambers(More)
A. Airapetian,31 N. Akopov,31 Z. Akopov,31 M. Amarian,26,31 E. C. Aschenauer,7 H. Avakian,11 R. Avakian,31 A. Avetissian,31 E. Avetissian,31 P. Bailey,15 B. Bains,15 V. Baturin,24 C. Baumgarten,21 M. Beckmann,12 S. Belostotski,24 S. Bernreuther,29 N. Bianchi,11 H. Böttcher,7 A. Borissov,6,19 O. Bouhali,23 M. Bouwhuis,15 J. Brack,5 S. Brauksiepe,12 W.(More)