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We propose a method for optical nanoimaging in which the structure of a three-dimensional inhomogeneous medium may be recovered from far-field power measurements. Neither phase control of the illuminating field nor phase measurements of the scattered field are necessary. The method is based on the solution to the inverse scattering problem for a system(More)
We consider propagation of surface plasmon polaritons ͑SPPs͒ in linear periodic chains ͑LPCs͒ of prolate and oblate metallic spheroids. We show that the SPP group velocity can be efficiently controlled by varying the aspect ratio of the spheroids. For sufficiently small aspect ratios, a gap appears in the first Brillouin zone of the chain lattice in which(More)
We further develop the theory of quantum finite-size effects in metallic nanoparticles, which was originally formulated These references consider a metal nanoparticle as a degenerate Fermi gas of conduction electrons in an infinitely high spherical potential well. This model (referred to as the HRFR model below) yields mathematical expressions for the(More)
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