Alexander A. Davydova

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Antiviral activity of rybamidil (virasol) and interferon inducers ridostine and camedone developed in Russia and introduced in practical medicine has been studied in mice with experimentally induced arboviral infections, flavivirus (tick-borne encephalitis-TBE, and yellow fever-YF) and alphavirus ones (Western and Eastern equine encephalomyelitis-WEE and(More)
The epidemic situation in HIV infection in the northwestern region of this country has been analyzed. The ways of the spread of HIV infection among the infected persons, residents of the St. Petersburg region, Kaliningrad, Novgorod and Murmansk, have been studied. The infection is transmitted mainly through sexual contacts, both homosexual and heterosexual.(More)
The specific features of the epidemiological situation in St. Petersburg at the first stage (1987-1995) and the second stage (1986-1999) of the development of HIV infection are described. During this period morbidity in HIV infection, starting from the insignificant rate of growth, sharply increased. For the first time injecting drug users were noted to(More)
The strains suitable for the development of herpesvirus vaccine were selected as a result of studies on numerous herpes virus strains isolated from patients with relapsing herpes infection of various localizations. Infectious tissue culture antigens were obtained by roller cultivation of chick embryo fibroblast cultures infected with herpesvirus in the(More)