Alexandar Barr

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A case of fulminant disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) in a 51-year old man, presenting with bleeding gastric adenocarcinoma, is reported. In spite of initial hematologic improvement by replacement therapy the patient died on the fifth day after admission. The rare association of DIC with adenocarcinoma of the stomach is discussed.
A patient with medically intractable status epilepticus of temporal lobe origin is presented. A computed tomogram showed a low density area adjacent to the midbrain, possibly related to atrophy of the medial temporal lobe. Cerebral angiography revealed early filling veins and an anterior temporal blush. Magnetic resonance (MR) scanning (T2 weighted images)(More)
PURPOSE To see whether surgical success and complication rates in surgery for full-thickness macular holes (FTMH) followed by 5 days prone posturing are comparable to those obtained with longer posturing regimes recorded in the literature. METHODS A pilot study was carried out of pars plana vitrectomy, autologous platelet adjunct and 16% C2F6 tamponade(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the recent incidence of eye injury due to sport in Scotland, identify any trend, and establish which sports are responsible for most injury? The type of injury and final visual outcome is also evaluated. METHODS A prospective observational study of ocular injuries sustained during sport was performed over a one year period. Only(More)
Single-stage correction of a congenital constriction band of the arm in an infant with radial, ulnar, and median nerve dysfunction is reported with significant improvement in neurologic function. This was accomplished by thorough preoperative physical examination and neurologic evaluation, circumferential excision of the constricting band, decompression of(More)
Specific procedures are described for the determination of fenbufen and its metabolites in serum and urine using high-pressure liquid chromatography. Serum or urine extracts were chromatographed on a bounded reversed-phase partitioning column. The sensitivity of the assay for fenbufen was 0.5 microgram/ml in serum with 2-ml samples and 1.0 microgram/ml in(More)
PURPOSE Current practices applied to mouse pharmacokinetic (PK) studies often use large numbers of animals with sporadic or composite sampling that inadequately describe PK profiles.  The purpose of this work was to evaluate and optimize blood microsampling techniques coupled with dried blood spot (DBS) and LC-MS/MS analysis to generate reliable PK data in(More)
The disposition of cefixime, a potent, third generation, orally active cephalosporin, was characterized in the pregnant and lactating rat. After a single iv dose of 17.8 mg/kg 14C-cefixime to day 18 pregnant rats, the half-life for elimination of radioactivity from both maternal serum and placentas was 6.9 hr. Elimination from fetal plasma and tissues was(More)
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