Alexandеr DIMITROV

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A comparison was made of the diagnostic value of five immunological tests-complement fixation (CF), latex agglutination (LA), bentonite flocculation (BF), passive haemagglutination (PHA), and intradermal (ID)-in patients operated on for pulmonary echinococcosis. The sensitivity of all five tests was significantly lower in the patients with pulmonary(More)
Terlipressin (Remestyp) or N-a-triglycyl-(8-lysme) vasopressin after parenteral application and slow enzymatic cleavage releases synthetic analog of vasopressin-8-lysine-vasopressin. It is potent myometrial stimulator in pregnant and non-pregnant uterus and at the same time decreases myometrial and endometrial blood flow. Remestyp has synergistic effect(More)
Use was made of Wistar albino rats in which an inflammation was induced via the simultaneous injection of caraginan and prostaglandin E1 in order to evaluate the antiinflammatory activity of 6 freeze dried plant extracts. It was found that with such model of inflammation the inflammatory effect of caraginan was strongly enhanced, which was accompanied by(More)
UNLABELLED The aim of the study is following up the pregnancy and delivery in women with cerebrospinal fluid shunts for hydrocephalus. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study includes 12 pregnant women (9 nuliparous and 3 multiparous) ranging in age from 19 to 36 years which were initially shunted prior to the pregnancy. 9 of the patients had VP shunts and 3 with(More)
A rare case of successful pregnancy and delivery of a patient with Hereditary angioedema is described. The complications of the disease during pregnancy are described as well as the possibilities for their prevention. The delivery was accomplished without complications and the preoperative preparations are listed. The treatment of HAE in general is divided(More)
A case of submucosal isthmicocervical myoma, 85 mm in diameter, diagnosed for first time during CS. The neonate is with atrophy of left m. sternocleidomastoideus and facial asymmetry due to impression in the left temporoparietal region, without neurological impairment. Multiple ultrasound examinations were done but the fibroids vas not diagnosed. During one(More)
This is case report concerning secondary caustic sclerosing cholangitis following scolecide with concentrated sodium chloride solution (30%) during operation on a liver echinococcus cyst with involvement of the extrahepatic biliary apparatus only. Hepatojejunostomy is performed. Histological study of the liver demonstrates evidence of severe cholangitis,(More)
A very rare--casuistic--case of endometriosis is presented, which appeared ten years after surgical menopause (hysterectomy and ovariectomy) without concomitant use of hormone replacement therapy or phytoestrogens. The possibilities of endogenous production and exogenous supply of estrogens in the female organism are discussed as well as the possible causes(More)
AIM To establish the incidence of vaginal operative deliveries by extraction of the fetus with forceps and the degree of prematurity of newborns in which it is applied, to specify the type of forceps which is imposed. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study included 672 births, completed by extraction of the fetus with forceps in the period 1994-2008 year in(More)