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In this paper we describe an object following system for ground robot mobility, which incorporates LIDAR-based object perception and model-based lane estimation into control signal generation. The approach enables our autonomous ground vehicle MuCAR-3 , see Fig. 1, to safely follow an object even in curved, narrow roads without using GPS or any prior(More)
Visualization refers to various types of graphic representation of geospatial information ranging from static to dynamic presentation (cartographic visualization), to exploratory data analysis (scientific visualization). Visualization projects carried out by Natural Resources Canada focus primarily on the former: web-based, interactive, dynamic(More)
Redundant actuation of parallel manipulators can lead to internal forces without generating end-effector forces (preload). Preload can be controlled in order to prevent backlash during the manipulator motion. Such control is based on the inverse dynamics. The general solution of the inverse dynamics of redundantly actuated parallel manipulators is given.(More)
This thesis introduces the Information-rich Rapidly-exploring Random Tree (IRRT), an extension of the RRT algorithm that embeds information collection as predicted using Fisher information matrices. The primary contribution of this trajectory generation algorithm is target-based information maximization in general (possibly heavily constrained)(More)
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