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To investigate the potency of dexamethasone in suppressing adrenocortical function, we gave various evening doses to laboratory staff members. Plasma corticotropin, cortisol, and dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate concentrations were measured the following day, to quantitate the degree of suppression after both short- and long-term treatments. We found that the(More)
A visual examination of 1764 Oxford schoolchildren for scoliosis was followed by low-dose radiography of the spine in those who showed evidence of asymmetric body topography; radiography was repeated a year later to assess progression. Forty-four children had curves of 10 degrees or more. Two had a congenital abnormality and the remaining 42 were classified(More)
In the recent past, a great deal of faith has been placed in the idea that the performance of the hospital industry could be improved significantly by relying more heavily on profit incentives. This article considers the effect of profit incentives on hospital behavior and finds that the existence of profit incentives has not led the for-profit hospitals in(More)
The year was 1994; the place, Phoenix Arizona. A panel session moderated by Barbara Boucher Owens entitled New Models for the CS1 Course: What Are They and Are They Leading to the Same Place? [1] took place before a packed audience at SIGCSE ’94. At the time, the World Wide Web was just over the horizon, and disk drives held at most a few hundred megabytes.(More)
Investigating the interference of danazol in testosterone radioimmunoassays, we measured serum testosterone concentrations in the serum of women receiving danazol, with three testosterone radioimmunoassay kits. All of these showed positive interference by danazol or its metabolites (or both). Values for testosterone obtained with two of the methods(More)
Tissue typing has been reviewed in a series of 100 technically successful cadaveric-donor kidney grafts. The criterion of transplant failure was immunological rejection causing total loss of function within three months of operation.No significant correlation was observed between matching grade and graft failure due to early acute rejection. This is(More)