Alexa Carrara

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BACKGROUND It is controversial whether CARD15 variants are truly associated with a more severe form of Crohn's disease. The relative role of CARD15 genotype and smoking in Crohn's disease progression is also debated. AIM To investigate the association between CARD15 variants and history of resective surgery in patients with Crohn's ileal disease, taking(More)
BACKGROUND Pouchitis and dysplasia may affect the reservoir after restorative proctocolectomy. AIMS To assess the suitability of confocal laser endomicroscopy for the in vivo diagnosis of mucosal changes in ileal pouch for ulcerative colitis and familial adenomatous polyposis. METHODS Standard endoscopy and endomicroscopy were performed in 18 pouches.(More)
Submucosal neoplasms can be found in the esophagus and stomach during radiologic or endoscopic examination; histological diagnosis, however, is not significant in many cases because sampling is difficult. Endoscopic biopsies usually do not allow to obtain tissue from the submucosal layer nor other techniques prove to be reliable enough. 23 patients, aged(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the effect of disease pattern and involvement of the margins on early and late results of enteric resections with hand-sewn anastomosis for Crohns disease. BACKGROUND Bowel sparing is one of the aims of the surgery for CD. When strictureplasties are not possible, "minimal surgery" (the resection just of the grossly involved tract of(More)
BACKGROUND A review of the periodontal literature offers little information concerning trends in referral patterns of patients for periodontal therapy. Over the last 2 decades, there has been a significant increase in the knowledge base concerning inflammatory periodontal disease. It might be assumed that the collective advances in knowledge have impacted(More)
We report the first case known to us of a synchronous isolated splenic metastasis from colon carcinoma in a 52-year-old woman operated on splenectomy, left colectomy, and ileal resection. The patient died of diffuse carcinomatosis 1 year after the operation. Splenectomy for isolated splenic metastasis from colon carcinoma is justified, and serum tumor(More)
The influence of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibition of hemodynamic changes, development of postinfarction myocardial hypertrophy and left ventricular performance was studied in rats. Infarction was produced under ether anaesthesia by ligature of the descending anterior branches of the left coronary artery. Control rats were submitted to a sham(More)
Disruption followed by intravasal embolization is a rare (0.5%) however possible complication secondary to the insertion of a central venous catheter. The carriers of these implantable systems are patients who, for their cure and at times even for their survival, require the chronic intravenous infusion of drugs and solutions. Therefore materials that can(More)
Various benign pathological conditions of Oddi's sphincter may give origin to clinical manifestations due to hindrances to biliary flow into the duodenum; the hypertonic dyskinesia, proper, odditis and fibrosclerotic dystrophies. Such forms develop very big problems from a diagnostic and therapeutical point of view, even if an adequate therapy permits in(More)
MATERIALS AND METHODS Sixty-seven patients with Crohn's disease underwent surgery in our department in the period 1989-1996. In this paper we evaluated only the first 20 patients. Ten were female and 10 male. There was single localization in 13 patients and multiple in 7. Surgery was limited to the macroscopically involved intestinal segment. Reconstruction(More)