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Structural snapshots of concerted double E-H bond activation at a transition metal centre.
Bond activation at a transition metal centre is a key fundamental step in numerous chemical transformations. The oxidative addition of element-hydrogen bonds, for example, represents a critical stepExpand
On the Viability of Catalytic Turnover via Al-O/B-H Metathesis: The Reactivity of β-Diketiminate Aluminium Hydrides towards CO2 and Boranes.
It is hypothesized that (Nacnac)Al(R)(κ2 -BH4 ) is formed (despite the unfavourable thermodynamics of Al-O/B-H metathesis) due to the additional driving force provided by coordination of the strongly Lewis acidic BH3 unit to the Al-H bond. Expand
A Gallium Hydride as an Oxidizing Agent: Direct Synthesis of IrV Complexes via Ga-H Bond Activation.
Reactions of the β-diketiminate-stabilized gallium dihydride (Nacnac)Dipp GaH2 with chelating IrI bis(phosphine) precursors under an H2 atmosphere are shown to provide a simple route to IrV complexesExpand
Partnering a three-coordinate gallium cation with a hydroborate counter-ion for the catalytic hydrosilylation of CO2.
While this system represents proof-of-concept in CO2 hydrosilylation by a gallium hydride system, the TOF values obtained are relatively modest, attributed to the strength of binding of the formatoborate anion to the Ga centre in the intermediate (DippL)Ga(Ad){HC(O)OB(C6F5)3}, and the correspondingly slow rate of the turnover-limiting hydrosallylation step. Expand
Corrigendum: Structural snapshots of concerted double E-H bond activation at a transition metal centre.
This corrects the article DOI: 10.1038/nchem.2792 to indicate that the author of the paper is a doctor of medicine, not a scientist, as previously reported. Expand
Controlling Catenation in Germanium(I) Chemistry through Hemilability
Abstract We present a novel approach for constructing chains of Group 14 metal atoms linked by unsupported metal–metal bonds that exploits hemilabile ligands to generate unsaturated metal sites. TheExpand
Reversible borohydride formation from aluminium hydrides and {H(9-BBN)}2: structural, thermodynamic and reactivity studies.
A series of novel β-diketiminate stabilised aluminium borohydrides of the type (Nacnac)Al(R){H2(9-BBN)} has been synthesised offering variation in both the auxiliary R substituent and in the NacnacExpand