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Purpose – This study investigates the relationship between individual trust of students in computer supported semi-virtual collaboration groups and students’ performance in school. Design/methodology/approach – Longitudinal questionnaires and interviews are conducted during the case study. By analyzing the data from the questionnaires and the grade earned(More)
E-commerce adoption has been extensive but for some specialized areas it is still in the early stages. One such area is health-related websites where the sensitive issues around the consumer’s health extenuate the similar challenges faced in other areas of e-commerce. Disclosing personal information is necessary to fully utilize such health-related websites(More)
Individual trust development is vital to online collaboration in teams. A semi-virtual case study, which is composed of eight collaborative student groups using Web based computer support, is tracked by the authors over one year. Surveys, interviews and documentation are applied in the data collection. A scale balance model and trust spider diagram are used(More)
This research extends theories of trust from e-commerce to incorporate digital currencies. In particular trust in business to consumer e-commerce transactions carried out using digital currencies such as Bitcoin is explored. A model of online trust is considered to be valid in this different transaction context but the significance of each construct changes(More)
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