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Understanding and Modeling of WiFi Signal Based Human Activity Recognition
Some pioneer WiFi signal based human activity recognition systems have been proposed. Their key limitation lies in the lack of a model that can quantitatively correlate CSI dynamics and humanExpand
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Keystroke Recognition Using WiFi Signals
Keystroke privacy is critical for ensuring the security of computer systems and the privacy of human users as what being typed could be passwords or privacy sensitive information. In this paper, weExpand
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Device-free gesture tracking using acoustic signals
Device-free gesture tracking is an enabling HCI mechanism for small wearable devices because fingers are too big to control the GUI elements on such small screens, and it is also an important HCIExpand
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Gait recognition using wifi signals
In this paper, we propose WifiU, which uses commercial WiFi devices to capture fine-grained gait patterns to recognize humans. The intuition is that due to the differences in gaits of differentExpand
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Fast Range Query Processing with Strong Privacy Protection for Cloud Computing
Privacy has been the key road block to cloud computing as clouds may not be fully trusted. This paper concerns the problem of privacy preserving range query processing on clouds. Prior schemes areExpand
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Device-Free Human Activity Recognition Using Commercial WiFi Devices
Since human bodies are good reflectors of wireless signals, human activities can be recognized by monitoring changes in WiFi signals. However, existing WiFi-based human activity recognition systemsExpand
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Firewall design: consistency, completeness, and compactness
  • M. Gouda, Alex X. Liu
  • Computer Science
  • 24th International Conference on Distributed…
  • 24 March 2004
A firewall is often placed at the entrance of each private network in the Internet. The function of a firewall is to examine each packet that passes through the entrance and decide whether to acceptExpand
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Energy-Aware Virtual Network Embedding
Virtual network embedding, which means mapping virtual networks requested by users to a shared substrate network maintained by an Internet service provider, is a key function that networkExpand
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A first look at cellular machine-to-machine traffic: large scale measurement and characterization
Cellular network based Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication is fast becoming a market-changing force for a wide spectrum of businesses and applications such as telematics, smart metering,Expand
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Secure unlocking of mobile touch screen devices by simple gestures: you can see it but you can not do it
With the rich functionalities and enhanced computing capabilities available on mobile computing devices with touch screens, users not only store sensitive information (such as credit card numbers)Expand
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