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Formulations containing glyphosate are the most widely used herbicides in the world. AMPA is the major environmental breakdown product of glyphosate. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the in vitro genotoxicity of AMPA using the Comet assay in Hep-2 cells after 4h of incubation and the chromosome aberration (CA) test in human lymphocytes after 48h of(More)
Increased levels of lipid hydroperoxides (LOOH) are frequently associated with the oxidative mechanisms involved in physiological states as ageing and with serious pathological conditions. In the present work the physiological and the CCl4-induced lipid hydroperoxides levels in mice liver and kidney were determined. The analysis of LOOH tissue levels was(More)
This paper describes ActiveText, a method for creating dynamic and interactive texts. ActiveText uses an object-based hierarchy to represent texts. This hierarchy makes it easy to work with the ASCII component and pixel component of the text at the same time. Static, dynamic and interactive properties of text can be easily intermixed and layered. The user(More)
Eggs of 12 laying hens with 5 mg/kg/day oral administration of 5% enrofloxacin (EFX) or ciprofloxacin (CFX) solution during 5 days contained residues from 0.02 to 1.98 microg/g (EFX) or 0.14 to 0.28 microg/g (CFX). At identical dosage regime High Performance Liquid Chromatograhy (HPLC) residues of EFX were 6-fold greater than CFX ones. Maximun(More)
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