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We describe the design and implementation of Open vSwitch, a multi-layer, open source virtual switch for all major hypervisor platforms. Open vSwitch was designed de novo for networking in virtual environments, resulting in major design departures from traditional software switching architectures. We detail the advanced flow classification and caching(More)
Do unsophisticated consumers fall prey to Internet consumer frauds? Why? To answer these questions this paper integrates two streams of empirical research: the process-oriented theory of deception, and the broader deception, trust, and risk (DTR) model of Internet consumer behavior. A laboratory experiment tests several alternative hypotheses about the(More)
Commercial leak-noise correlators were generally able to locate leaks in plastic pipe, but modifications could increases their effectiveness. large percentage of water is lost in many water distribution systems in transit from the treatment plant to the consumer. According to an inquiry made in 1991 by the International Water Supply Association (IWSA), the(More)
BACKGROUND Ethanol is metabolized by 2 rate-limiting reactions: alcohol dehydrogenases (ADH) convert ethanol to acetaldehyde that is subsequently metabolized to acetate by aldehyde dehydrogenases (ALDH). Approximately 50% of East Asians have genetic variants that significantly impair this pathway and influence alcohol dependence (AD) vulnerability. We(More)
IL-4 and IL-13 are closely related canonical type-2 cytokines in mammals and have overlapping bioactivities via shared receptors. They are frequently activated together as part of the same immune response and are the signature cytokines produced by T-helper (Th)2 cells and type-2 innate lymphoid cells (ILC2), mediating immunity against extracellular(More)
The recovery of water loss from leaks in transmission and distribution pipes can provide a solution, at least partially, to water shortages caused by insufficient water resources and / or limited water treatment capacity. This paper introduces a new, low-cost and easy-to-use system that will help water utilities to dramatically improve the effectiveness of(More)
This study identifies four new IL-17A/F isoforms in salmonids, as well as IL-17N. IL-17A/F1 and IL-17A/F2 are each represented by two paralogues, with a predicted pseudogene of IL-17N also apparent in the salmonid genome. Analysis of the sequences and genes of the known IL-17A/F and IL-17N molecules suggests that IL-17N is a member within the IL-17A/F(More)
Multifunction radars (MFRs) are sophisticated sensors with complex dynamical modes that are widely used in surveillance and tracking systems. It is shown in this paper that the stochastic context free grammar (SCFG) is an adequate model for capturing the essential features of the MFR dynamics. We model MFRs as systems that "speak" according to a SCFG, and(More)
Multifunction radars (MFRs) are sophisticated sensors with complex dynamical modes that are widely used in surveillance and tracking. Because of their agility, a new solution to the interpretation of radar signal is critical to aircraft survivability and successful mission completion. The MFRs' three main characteristics that make their signal(More)