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A Turing machine with faults, failures and recovery (TMF) is described. TMF is (weakly) non-deterministic Turing machine consisting of five semi-infinite Repair Phase). C++ Simulator of a Turing machine with faults, failures and recovery has been developed. In contrast to practical situation a regular Turing Machine never fails [1]. Some Turing machine that(More)
A non-decreasing sequence of positive integer weights P ={p 1 , p 2 ,…, p n } (n = N*(m-1) + 1, N is number of non-leaves of m-ary tree) is called absolutely ordered if the intermediate sequences of weights produced by m-ary Huffman algorithm for initial sequence P on i-th step satisfy the following conditions 2 , ,) (1) (− = < + N 0 i p p i m i m. Let T be(More)
Presented herein are the findings of a comparative experimental study of 64 novel patches made of porous polytctrafluoroethylene (PTFE). The PTFE explants with various number of technological layers were examined both in vitro and in vivo. The authors performed plasty of the canine aorta with explants followed by morphological assessment of the tissues with(More)
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