Alex Vallejo

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The smart grid concept provides a solution to the growing recognition that current utility grids need an ICT deployment infrastructure based upgrade to allow millions of potential market players to operate and to cope with distributed generation, wide-area situational awareness, demand response, electric storage, and efficient electric transportation. Smart(More)
The knowledge of which drug-resistant human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) genotypes are the most prevalent in a community may be helpful for designing the best salvage regimens. A total of 540 individuals on antiretroviral therapy attending 18 different outclinics in Spain were examined in a cross-sectional study conducted during June 2000. The overall rate(More)
The number of HIV-infected individuals with prior multiple treatment failures is increasing as time passes by. The success of antiretroviral therapy in these patients is often compromised by the selection of drug-resistant viruses. Despite initial concerns, a rebound in AIDS cases among heavily treatment-experienced patients failing virologically their(More)
The next generation Internet Protocol, IPv6, is widely accepted as the definitive solution to the weaknesses of the current IP protocol, such as the shortage of global IPv4 addresses. Although it seems unstoppable, protocol migration is surprisingly slow. The appearance of killer applications would cause an acceleration of this process, but experts have yet(More)
A wireless Ad Hoc network is formed by a collection of nodes disposed in a dynamic way, without the need for a central node to coordinate them. This is one of the reasons why a great number of routing protocols for Ad Hoc networks are being developed. After the study of a set of them, this paper has subjected four different protocols to different scenario(More)
To guarantee the correct QoS, the new generation core networks are best managed by the use of a centralized server. Most of these networks use DiffServ due to its scalability, an important feature for large networks. A Bandwidth Broker architecture is a policy-based management system which purpose is to manage DiffServ networks in a centralized manner(More)
The amount of information available on Internet increases by the day. This constant growth makes it difficult to distinguish between information which is relevant and which is not, particularly in key areas which are of strategic interest to business and universities or research centres. This article presents an automatic system to extract social networks:(More)
This paper presents a first approach to a new QoS aware routing suitable for wireless and wired Ad-Hoc networks. The proposed algorithm is based on artificial intelligent techniques. Actually, it is a merge between a genetic algorithm and the TBR (Ticket Based Routing) algorithm. A better TBR performance is pursued in order to use the result in ubiquitous(More)