Alex Vallejo

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The amount of information available on Internet increases by the day. This constant growth makes it difficult to distinguish between information which is relevant and which is not, particularly in key areas which are of strategic interest to business and universities or research centres. This article presents an automatic system to extract social networks:(More)
A wireless Ad Hoc network is formed by a collection of nodes disposed in a dynamic way, without the need for a central node to coordinate them. This is one of the reasons why a great number of routing protocols for Ad Hoc networks are being developed. After the study of a set of them, this paper has subjected four different protocols to different scenario(More)
and large, the current power grid is defined as a system made of electrical generators, transformers, transmission, and distribution lines used to deliver electricity power to eventual users. Smart grid network control and monitoring are very important features in order to provide distributed generation and storage [1], quality of service (QoS) [2, 3], and(More)