Alex Vakaloudis

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Cloud Computing is currently one of the most widely-spoken terms in IT. While it offers a range of technological and financial benefits, its wide acceptance by organizations is not yet wide spread. Security concerns are a main reason for this and this paper studies the data and network threats posed in both traditional and cloud paradigms in an effort to(More)
The composition of 3D presentations is a complicated procedure partly facilitated by the introduction of VRML. VRML does not yet support 3D object storage and querying thus introducing limitations to object reusability. Presentations have to be built from scratch while the necessary information exists already from previous work. This paper presents a method(More)
The introduction of VRML has facilitated the production of virtual worlds. Apart from being a format for defining 3D geometries, VRML also provides the foundation for specifying interactive behaviour. However this mechanism is rather primitive, there is no direct modelling for composite events or conditions and no efficient treatment of time. The approach(More)
This paper presents a study on the expansion of urban Wi-Fi networks and the degree of users' awareness about their characteristics. It involves an experiment contacted at the area of Serres, a Greek city of around 70,000 inhabitants. The findings revealed that although the number of Wi-Fi networks is quite high, their owners are unaware of their technical(More)
Although internships contribute to the professional development of a junior engineer, it is not straightforward to achieve a fruitful outcome for either the intern or the hosting the organisation. We discuss a structured framework based on Agile and Scrum concepts with the goal of providing in a flexible manner a mixture of communication, technical and(More)
Smart glasses have lately been under the spotlight for a variety of technical and usability reasons. Despite the current (early 2015) freeze of Google Glass sales, the area is active with other big companies involved in the development of smart glass devices-at the same time remains in early stages and fragmented. We undertake a technical study of these(More)
Lately a new generation of application domains is emerging. Such applications, heavily dynamic and interactive, include interactive multimedia applications, virtual reality worlds, digital movies and 3D animations. They deal with intensive spatio-temporal dependencies between the participating objects with motion becoming a central issue. Indeed in the(More)