Alex V. Kuznetsov

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—The striking benefits of iterative detection have generated strong interest in the disk drive signal processing area, but thus far application of this technology has been rather limited. We review the benefits that the most interesting iterative detectors have over the industry-standard partial-response maximum-likelihood (PRML) detectors, and examine the(More)
Oscillatory regulatory networks have been discovered in many cellular pathways. An especially challenging area is studying dynamics of cellular oscillators interacting with one another in a population. Synchronization is only one of and the simplest outcome of such interaction. It is suggested that the outcome depends on the structure of the network.(More)
This article describes and discusses consortia models in Europe. Emphasis is given to those consortia that support content provision and access to electronic information resources in society. Four country cases are introduced as examples of the heterogeneous solutions chosen by the consortia. The main results and impact of the consortia are discussed.(More)
Green Cross Russia (GCR) is a public, non-governmental organization which promotes protection of the environment, the education of the public on how to lead sustainable lifestyles which are in harmony with nature, and the safeguarding of natural resources for future generations. GCR adopts a pragmatic approach to the solution of ecological challenges. The(More)
A source of epithermal neutrons based on a tandem accelerator with vacuum insulation and a lithium neutron producing target was proposed and created to develop boron neutron capture therapy of malignant tumors. A laboratory was created in 2014 to be prepared for practical implementation of the therapy using the accelerator neutron source. To achieve this(More)
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