Alex V. Kuznetsov

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Since Brouwer has proclaimed in 1908 the untrustworthiness of classical logic by rejecting the law of the excluded middle, intuitionistic logic, managing without this law, began little by little to develop. As a calculus, it has been presented in a well-known paper of Heyting (1930), preceded by the interesting papers of A. N. (1932) proposed an(More)
This article describes and discusses consortia models in Europe. Emphasis is given to those consortia that support content provision and access to electronic information resources in society. Four country cases are introduced as examples of the heterogeneous solutions chosen by the consortia. The main results and impact of the consortia are discussed.(More)
Significant reduction of time needed to identify hidden explosives and other hazardous materials by the "neutron in, gamma out" method has been achieved by introducing timed (nanosecond) neutron sources-the so-called nanosecond neutron analysis technique. Prototype mobile device for explosives' detection based on a timed (nanosecond) isotopic (252)Cf(More)
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