Alex Turpin

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We experimentally address the wave-vector and polarization dependence of the internal conical refraction phenomenon by demonstrating that an input light beam of elliptical transverse profile refracts into two beams after passing along one of the optic axes of a biaxial crystal, i.e. it exhibits double refraction instead of refracting conically. Such double(More)
We present two optical arrangements for the implementation of polarimeters based on the conical refraction phenomenon, occurring on biaxial crystals (BC). The proposed set-ups keep all the benefits related to BC based polarimeters, but decrease costs and complexity when compared with existing alternatives. Whereas one of the proposals allows us to perform(More)
We propose using the phenomenon of conical refraction occurring in optical biaxial crystals to design a protocol for polarization de-multiplexing and multiplexing to increase the channel capacity for free space optical communication applications. The proposed technique is based on the forward-backward optical transform occurring when a light beam propagates(More)
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