Alex Taghva

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The human immunoglobulin heavy chain locus contains 39 functional human V(H) elements. All 39 V(H) elements (with their adjacent heptamer/nonamer signal) were tested for site-specific cleavage with purified human core RAG1 and RAG2, and HMG1 proteins in a 12/23-coupled cleavage reaction. Both nicking and hairpin formation were measured. The individual V(H)(More)
The complete cleavage phase of V(D)J recombination includes four phases: binding of the active RAG complexes to the 12- or 23-signals, nicking of the signals, synapsis of the two signals, and hairpin formation at both signals concurrently. We have done time courses for the complete cleavage phase of the V(D)J recombination reaction and quantitated the(More)
Frameless stereotaxy, while most commonly applied to intracranial surgery, has seen an increasing number of applications in spinal surgery. Its use in the spine has been described to a greater degree in posterior rather than anterior surgical approaches, presumably due to the relative paucity of anatomical landmarks appropriate for frameless stereotactic(More)
The above article from Andrology, 'Impact of polymorphisms in the oestrogen receptors alpha and beta (ESR1, ESR2) genes on risk of vasculogenic erectile dysfunction' by M. R. Safarinejad, A. Taghva, N. Shafiei and S. Safarinejad published online on 20 May 2013 in Wiley Online Library has been retracted by agreement between the journal Editors-in-Chief,(More)
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