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  • Matt Austern, Hans Boehm, +40 authors Dennis Yelle
I find using C++ more enjoyable than ever. C++'s support for design and programming has improved dramatically over the years, and lots of new helpful techniques have been developed for its use. However, C++ is not just fun. Ordinary practical programmers have achieved significant improvements in productivity, maintainability, flexibility, and quality in(More)
But I never became a mathematician. I could not really get excited about Tamagawa numbers, Coxeter groups and other things that I was supposed to specialize in. Hardy's hope that his mathematics is never going to be applied is not for me. I need to do something a little bit more real. I was fortunate, however, to see some great mathematicians at work and(More)
Periodontal pockets deeper than 4-5 mm require surgical treatment. Records of surgical journals of a periodontology room over 6 years are reviewed and 2183 operations performed by six periodontologists are analyzed. The results of surgery are determined by patient's status, site of anesthesia, type of secondary adentia, convenience of surgical access, terms(More)
Disclaimer: Please do not redistribute. Instead, requests for a current draft should go to Mat Marcus. These notes are a work in progress and do not constitute a book. In particular, most of the current effort is directed towards writing up new material. As a consequence little time remains for structuring, refinement, or clean up, so please be patient.(More)
AIM To present results of VAC application in children with complicated wounds of anterior abdominal wall combined with intestinal and/or biliary fistulas. MATERIAL AND METHODS For the last 7 years 8 patients aged from 1.5 months to 15 years with infected postoperative wounds of anterior abdominal wall complicated by intestinal fistulas (6), biliary and(More)
DataMesh is a research project investigating fast mass storage systems [HPL-DSD-89-44]. Our emphasis is on high performance I/O, while maintaining high availability, scalability, and ease of use. Our initial target is file servers for groups of high-performance workstations, although our approach is applicable to several different problems. Hardware(More)
The problem of prophylactics of postoperative infectious complications in the surgery of digestive tract is discussed. A comparative analysis of efficiency of two methods of antibacterial prophylactics during operations of closing the formed intestinal fistulas in children is given. High efficiency of the method of preoperative subtotal decontamination of(More)
The results of the resection of the ileocecal angle and creation of the different types of small-to-large intestinal anastomoses in 52 children at the age of from 5 mos to 14 yrs were analysed. The authors have developed in the experiment and employed in 9 children the modification of the invagination anastomosis according to Ya. D. Vitebsky with the use of(More)