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PMR1, a P-type ATPase cloned from the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, was previously localized to the Golgi, and shown to be required for normal secretory processes (Antebi, A., and Fink, G.R. (1992) Mol. Biol. Cell 3, 633-654). We provide biochemical evidence that PMR1 is a Ca2+-transporting ATPase in the Golgi, a hitherto unusual location for a Ca2+ pump.(More)
We have analyzed Ca2+ transport activity in defined subcellular fractions of an isogenic set of wild-type and mutant yeast. The results, together with measurements of polypeptide expression levels and promoter::reporter gene activity, show that the Golgi Ca2+-ATPase, Pmr1, is the major Ca2+ pump under normal growth conditions. In the absence of Pmr1, we(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the extent of exposure and surgical maneuverability provided by facial translocation and transtemporal approaches for access to the infratemporal fossa and anterolateral skull base. MATERIALS AND METHODS Surgical procedures were performed on five fresh frozen adult cadavers (ten sides) with no known pathology. Facial transfacial(More)
research (MCIR). Here we discuss two dilemmas that confront this type of work. Then we turn to four research challenges these dilemmas give rise to, discuss the limitations of common research practices in dealing with them, and describe our own approach. We also describe some of our findings to give an idea of what our approach yielded. Our project’s goal(More)
Gastric volvulus can be a medical emergency with life-threatening complications. Early surgical intervention is important to avoid potential ischemic complication that may lead to infarction of the stomach. The condition has been reported in children and in the elderly, but the majority of cases are reported in the fifth decade of life. We present a case of(More)
A sinusoidal representation of speech is an alternative to the source-filter model. It is widely used in speech coding and unit-selection TTS, but is less common in statistical TTS frameworks. In this work we utilize Regularized Cepstral Coefficients (RCC) estimated in mel-frequency scale for amplitude spectrum envelope modeling within an HMM-based TTS(More)
An important problem in contemporary gas t roenterology is the study of the course of enzymic b reakdown of nutrient substances along the course of the gas t roin tes t ina l t r ac t in man under normal and pathological conditions. For reasons which will be perfect ly understandable, E. S. London's method, using multiple fistulas, cannot be used for human(More)
Speech sinusoidal modeling has been successfully applied to a broad range of speech analysis, synthesis and modification tasks. However, developing a high fidelity full band sinusoidal model that preserves its high quality on speech transformation still remains an open research problem. Such a system can be extremely useful for high quality speech(More)