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The prices of corn and wheat started in the year 2000 at $1.92 and $2.17 per bushel, respectively. Eight years later, corn stood at $7.38 and wheat at $11.95 per bushel. In May of 2009, corn dropped to $3.96 and wheat to $4.77 per bushel. Gasoline prices followed the same pattern during the same period. The national average was $1.21 per gallon in 2000,(More)
This paper provides empirical evidence of the longand short-term e ects of exposure to political violence on human capital accumulation. Using a novel data set that registers all the violent acts and fatalities during the Peruvian civil con ict, I exploit the variation in con ict location and birth cohorts to identify the e ect of the civil war on(More)
We use administrative records on university applicants, their spouses and their children to estimate the marriage market and intergenerational effects of being admitted to a more elite universityprogram, i.e. a program that is both objectively more selective and subjectively more preferred by the applicant. We exploit unique features of the Chilean(More)
Do behavioral biases a ect prices in a high-stake market? We study the role of leftdigit bias in the purchase of an apartment, one of the most important assets in a household’s portfolio. Left-digit bias is the inability to fully process digits after the rst, perceiving prices just below a round number (such as $3.99) as cheaper than their round counterpart(More)
Several vegetables and vegetable residues were used as sources of enzymes capable to discolor indigo carmine (IC), completely or partially. Complete discoloration was achieved with aqueous extracts of green pea seeds and peels of green pea, cucumber, and kohlrabi, as well as spring onion leaves. The source of polyphenol oxidase (PPO), pH, time, and aeration(More)
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