Alex Silbey

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The Origin System from Silicon Graphics pushed the complexity limits of ASIC design to levels previously only seen in full custom microprocessors. We describe the methodology used to implement and verify this ccNUMA multiprocessor system. A formal specification, consisting of a detailed, machine readable description of the ccNUMA cache coherence protocol(More)
This survey classifies high-level language computer architectures and gives case studies of representative examples of each class of architecture. This survey describes recent developments in the field of high-level language computer architectures for VLSI. Myers I and Flynn 2 emphasized the near lack of fundamental advances in computer architecture(More)
Many more factors are proving to be drivers of GaAs VLSI architecture than was ever the case with silicon. However, the possibility that GaAs may make possible throughput five times greater than that achievable with silicon continues to encourage research. In 1984, RCA began projects that would lead to the development of equipment constructed with GaAs(More)
ESDA or Electronic system Design Automation by description refers to automating electronic system design, but there is no universally accepted definition. This is understandable since there are so many interpretations and incarnations of just what constitutes a system! As a "system" is defined in the eye of the beholder, it should be expected that the(More)
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