Alex Seguel

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Soil acidity is an impediment to agricultural production on a significant portion of arable land worldwide. Low productivity of these soils is mainly due to nutrient limitation and the presence of high levels of aluminium (Al), which causes deleterious effects on plant physiology and growth. In response to acidic soil stress, plants have evolved various(More)
The dynamics of phosphorus (P) in the environment is important for regulating nutrient cycles in natural and managed ecosystems and an integral part in assessing biological resilience against environmental change. Organic P (Po) compounds play key roles in biological and ecosystems function in the terrestrial environment being critical to cell function,(More)
The purpose of this mission is to replace the MASS-DIMM unit MD2 installed at TMT Tolar site-testing facility on December 13, 2003 (see Report of Dec. 18, 2003) with another, essentially identical unit MD5. The reason for this change is explained in that Report: we believe that systematic residuals in the scintillation indices at MD2 are caused by some(More)
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