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Die gemäß dem Transfusionsgesetz (1998) entwickelten und eingesetzten Maßnahmen zur Qualitätssicherung Hämotherapie an der Charité Campus Mitte werden dargestellt und diskutiert. In einer 3-Jahres-Analyse (2001–2003) werden die Rücklaufquote der Transfusionsbegleitscheine (Qualität der Anwendungsdokumentation) und der Blutprodukteverfall mit den im Jahr(More)
BACKGROUND Information and communication technology (ICT) has transformed the health care field worldwide. One of the main drivers of this change is the electronic health record (EHR). However, there are still open issues and challenges because the EHR usually reflects the partial view of a health care provider without the ability for patients to control or(More)
The advances in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) brought many benefits to the healthcare area, specially to digital storage of patients' health records. However, it is still a challenge to have a unified viewpoint of patients' health history, because typically health data is scattered among different health organizations. Furthermore,(More)
BACKGROUND The measures for quality assurance in haemotherapy developed at the Charite Campus Mitte according to the transfusion law of 1998 are introduced and discussed. METHODS In a 3-year study period the submission of transfusion documentation and the expiration of blood products were compared to the year 2001. The potentials for improvement for(More)
This paper aims at presenting an architectural model proposal for a novel Mobile Payment System, called 4iPay. This work considers the following premises: independence of device, location, carrier and cardholder to meet the needs of executing payment transactions in ubiquitous commerce. Our proposal considers the convergence of concepts of ubiquity, unity,(More)
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