Alex Rabinovich

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Metastases to the female genital tract from extragenital cancers are uncommon. The ovaries are most often affected with the breast and gastrointestinal tract being the most common sites of the primary malignancy. Metastases to the uterus from extragenital cancers are significantly rarer than metastases to the ovaries and in the majority of cases the ovaries(More)
AIMS To assess the rate of parametrial involvement in a large cohort of patients who underwent radical hysterectomy for cervical cancer and to suggest an algorithm for the triage of patients to simple hysterectomy or simple trachelectomy. METHODS Multicenter retrospective study of patients with cervical cancer stage I through IIA who underwent radical(More)
BACKGROUND Cancerous ovarian tissues contain and produce high levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines (IL-1, IL-6 and TNF-alpha). The aim of this study was to assess the mechanisms by which autocrine IL-6 affects the ovarian carcinoma continuous cell line (SKOV-3) tumorigenicity. MATERIALS AND METHODS Autocrine IL-6 was neutralized by the addition of(More)
Twin pregnancy with complete hydatidiform mole and co-existent fetus (CHMF) resulting in a healthy take-home baby is rare, with only 30 cases documented in detail in the literature. A 29-year-old woman conceived following two cycles of ovulation induction with clomiphene citrate. Successive ultrasound examinations demonstrated a normally growing live fetus(More)
Primary ovarian sarcomas are rare and usually behave very aggressively. Over a ten-year period (1987-1996) five cases of primary ovarian sarcoma were managed at the Soroka Medical Center, Beer-Sheva, Israel. Four patients had malignant mullerian-mixed mesodermal tumor (MMMMT): two had Stage IIIC tumor with chondrosarcoma being the predominant sarcomatous(More)
Peritoneal tuberculosis is rare in the western world, although its incidence has been increasing in recent years. The presenting signs and symptoms, imaging examinations and CA-125 status in peritoneal tuberculosis may resemble that of ovarian carcinoma. Thus, the possibility of peritoneal tuberculosis should be considered in the differential diagnosis of(More)
Placental site trophoblastic tumor (PSTT) is a rare variant of gestational trophoblastic disease that originates from the implantation site intermediate trophoblast. We report four patients with PSTT and review pertinent literature. Three patients presented with disease confined to the uterus and one patient with disease extension beyond the uterus.(More)
Topotecan has demonstrated antitumor activity in heavily pretreated patients with ovarian carcinoma. This report examines the activity and toxicity of topotecan in 29 heavily pretreated patients with recurrent ovarian, peritoneal, and fallopian tube carcinoma. Topotecan 1.5 mg/m2 was administered intravenously on days 1-5, every 21 days. It was second-line(More)
BACKGROUND Driving under the influence of drugs (DUID) is one of the main causes of car accidents. Alcohol and marijuana are the most popular drugs among recreational users. Many classify these drugs as "Light" drugs and therefore allow themselves to drive after consuming them. OBJECTIVE The study had two main objectives: 1) to investigate the effect of(More)
Lymphoma-like lesion of the uterine cervix is a benign reactive lymphoid hyperplasia associated with chronic cervicitis that may pose a problem in differential diagnosis from malignant lymphoma. It is a rare entity and only about 20 cases have been reported in the world literature. Two cases of cervical lymphoma-like lesion are described. In both patients,(More)