Alex R Judkins

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BACKGROUND Allergic rhinitis is a prevalent disease with significant morbidity. Studies of its pathophysiology in human subjects have been limited. Nasal biopsy specimens are difficult to obtain, and nasal secretions incompletely reflect the cellular and molecular events in the mucosa. IgE-mediated mast cell activation and the elaboration of factors(More)
OBJECTIVE Brain tumors are rare in infants who are younger than six months of age. These tumors can be challenging to treat surgically. We analyzed a modern series of patients treated by a multidisciplinary team at a tertiary care center and performed a literature review of this unique population. METHODS Retrospective clinical data were collected for(More)
This case demonstrates unique cytomegalovirus (CMV)-associated intracytoplasmic inclusions in the intermediate squamous cells of a cervical/endocervical smear. These concentric, rod-shaped, perinuclear inclusions were stained for CMV by immunohistochemistry. Cytomegalovirus endocervicitis was also documented on a concurrent cervical biopsy. The finding of(More)
BACKGROUND NCAM is a member of the immunoglobulin superfamily of cell adhesion molecules. While highly expressed on neuroblastoma cells, the relative contribution of the three major NCAM isoforms (120, 140, and 180 kDa) to neuroblastoma biology has not been investigated. METHODS NCAM protein expression was measured in a neuroblastic tumor tissue(More)
Cortical dysplasia is a frequent finding in cortical resections from children with refractory epilepsy. Diagnostic criteria and a classification scheme for cortical dysplasia has been proposed, though the relationship between specific cortical dysplasia features and their causal relationship with epilepsy is poorly understood. We reviewed 28 surgical(More)
Two cases of neurosarcoidosis in the pituitary gland are presented with a review of past cases from the literature. Previous reported cases have always shown changes on the ondocrine exis clinically. These two cases, however, were endocrinologically normal prior to surgery. The evaluation of neurosarcoid in the pituitary, clinically and radiographically, is(More)
This 17-year-old male patient with tuberous sclerosis developed increased headaches and lethargy. Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain revealed increased ventricle size and increased size of a subependymal giant cell astrocytoma at the foramen of Monro, as well as spinal cord metastases of giant cell tumors. Decompressive surgery of the foramen of Monro(More)
OBJECTIVE Atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumors are aggressive neoplasms of the central nervous system occurring mainly in the early childhood and rarely in adults. We described a case of this tumor in an 18-year-old male patient without previous medical history. MATERIAL AND METHODS The neoplasm was localized in the right frontotemporal area of the brain and(More)
Immunohistochemistry occasionally is used to determine the lineage of entirely necrotic tumors. However, the sensitivity and specificity of antibodies on necrotic tissue are unknown. To determine the usefulness of immunohistochemistry with necrotic lesions, a series of 24 known tumors consisting of 14 carcinomas, 2 lymphomas, 2 melanomas, and 6 sarcomas(More)
We have previously shown that necrotic tumors retain their immunoreactivity for a range of cytokeratin antibodies. Some thyroid tumors undergo extensive necrosis after fine-needle aspiration (FNA) procedures. We evaluated the sensitivity of antibodies on necrotic thyroid tumors by examining a series of thyroid tumors consisting of 10 Hurthle cell neoplasms,(More)