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Shape grammars have been used as a method for modeling buildings, both in architecture and in computer graphics. In this report, we survey some of the shape grammar papers, present some projects using shape grammars, and give our evaluation of shape grammars in computer graphics. In particular, we feel shape grammars are useful for generating a large(More)
When working with homotopy groups it is frequently convenient to redefine them based on the parameters of a given problem. This paper uses several equivalent definitions of Fox’s torus homotopy groups to study them and also presents several generalizations of the groups.
Simulation of multi-agent systems (MAS) can be an effective technique for generating randomized compositions out of primitive picture elements. This report presents a complete implementation of a MAS for creating rule-based hierarchical arrangements of 3D objects in a plane and identifies some associated technical challenges, such as attaining good(More)
Self-organized criticality (SOC) is a theory of fractal dynamics in which a physical system approaches an attractor state that is scalefree. In the simple example of a sandpile, the grains of sand can slip down steep slopes and the resulting changes to the system propagate via avalanches. By the time the sandpile reaches the attractor state, the avalanches(More)
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