Alex Pohlman

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Management intensive rotational grazing is a low input form of dairy herd management that is practiced by an increasing number of US dairy producers. However, concerns exist regarding the predictability of progeny performance in a grazing environment because most US dairy sires are progeny tested under conventional conditions of herd management. Lactation(More)
The variation of acoustic attenuation with lung density was determined in experimental studies on seven healthy human volunteers, using a change of lung volume as a means of varying lung density. White noise between 50 and 680 Hz was introduced into the mouth and the transmitted signals were recorded with four microphones on the posterior chest wall(More)
Environmental agencies across the United States have searched for adequate methods to assess anthropogenic impacts on the environment. Biological assessments, which compare the taxonomic composition of an aquatic assemblage to relevant biocriteria, have surfaced as an effective method to assess the ecological integrity of US waterbodies. In this study,(More)
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