Alex Penn

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BACKGROUND In 2013, the Fleischner Society published recommendations for managing subsolid pulmonary nodules. Inter-reader variability has not yet been defined and has potential implications for the ease and reproducibility of applying the guidelines to clinical practice. PURPOSE To evaluate inter-reader variability when applying the 2013 Fleischner(More)
Multiple receptors within the innate immune system have evolved to recognize nucleic acids as signatures of viral infection. It is believed that this specificity is essential for viral detection, as viruses often lack other invariant features that can serve as suitable targets for innate receptors. One such innate receptor, TLR9, has been implicated in the(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the demographics and frequency of the intermittently upturned omentum at CT. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed abdominal CT scans of 336 consecutive patients (189 men and 147 women) who were imaged between June 1 and June 17, 2010 and who had prior comparison scans. Readers recorded the presence or absence of an intermittently(More)
To determine the optimal time window for MR imaging with quantitative ADC measurement in neonatal HIE after hypothermia treatment, a retrospective review was performed on consecutive hypothermia-treated term neonates with HIE, with an initial and follow-up MR imaging within the first two weeks of life. Three neuroradiologists categorized each set of MR(More)
Shock and multi-organ failure have one of the highest levels of inflammatory markers, morbidities and mortality. The underlying mechanisms are currently unknown and no effective intervention exists. We present evidence for a previously untested mechanism due to autodigestion by the digestive enzymes synthesized in the pancreas and transported in the lumen(More)
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