Alex Patak

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1. This is a report of experiments on cat and man which demonstrate effects of a muscle's previous history of contraction and length changes on the size of the stretch reflex. 2. In adult human subjects the size of the tendon jerk was measured in ankle extensor muscles by tapping the Achilles tendon. Muscle conditioning consisted of a maximum voluntary(More)
1. This is a report of the effects at different muscle lengths of the muscle's immediate history on the tendon jerk and Hoffman (H)-reflex in triceps surae of human subjects and cats. 2. In adult human subjects the size of the tendon jerk was measured as electromyogram (EMG) and torque in response to a tendon tap. Before each test tap the muscle was(More)
This is a report of the changes observed in the pattern of sensory innervation of muscle spindles in hindlimb muscles of kittens during the first four weeks of life. The structural analysis, made on teased, silver-stained preparations, was complemented by a series of recordings of afferent responses of kitten spindles during ramp-and-hold stretches of the(More)
This study presents a novel approach to detect genetically modified (GM) plant events that are not covered by common GMO screening methods. It is based on a simplified multiplex assay which merges the event-specific real-time PCR methods for the detection of six GM soybean lines (MON 87701, MON 87708, MON 87769, DP-305423, CV-127 and DAS-68416). The use of(More)
Monitoring of the food chain to fight fraud and protect consumer health relies on the availability of methods to correctly identify the species present in samples, for which DNA barcoding is a promising candidate. The nuclear genome is a rich potential source of barcode targets, but has been relatively unexploited until now. Here, we show the development(More)
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