Alex P. J. van Deursen

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We investigate structure and evolution of long positive spark breakdown; and we study at which stage pulses of hard x-rays are emitted. Positive high-voltage pulses of standardized lightning impulse wave form of about 1 MV were applied to about 1 m of ambient air. The discharge evolution was imaged with a resolution of tens of nanoseconds with an(More)
We study the development of a negative discharge of about 1 MV driven by a Marx generator in an air gap of 1–1.5 m, at standard temperature and pressure. We show the evolution of the discharge with nanosecond-fast photography together with the electrical characteristics. The negative discharge develops through four well-distinguished streamer bursts. The(More)
Commercial passenger aircraft are on average struck by lightning once a year. The In-flight Lightning Strike Damage Assessment System (ILDAS) project is to develop and validate a prototype of a system capable of in-flight measurement of the current waveform and reconstruction of the path of lightning current. This paper discusses the various magnetic(More)
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