Alex O’Neill

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A genomewide linkage scan was carried out in eight clinical samples of informative schizophrenia families. After all quality control checks, the analysis of 707 European-ancestry families included 1615 affected and 1602 unaffected genotyped individuals, and the analysis of all 807 families included 1900 affected and 1839 unaffected individuals. Multipoint(More)
Fatigue loading is recognised to have a deleterious effect on the performance of externally bonded FRP retrofit systems. Recent studies suggest that there is fatigue-induced degradation of the bonding adhesive. The present study investigates this effect through fundamental mechanical testing of adhesive systems suitable for bonded FRP repair systems. Single(More)
We use logfiles from two web servers (public and internal), two corresponding search engines, and two user populations (public and staff) to examine differences in behaviour across users and sites. We observe similar overall characteristics to other browsing and searching logs, but differences in behaviour between staff and the public and between external(More)
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