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INTRODUCTION AND PURPOSE Physical inactivity in postmenopausal women contributes to a rise in atherogenic risk factors associated with the metabolic syndrome. Although regular physical activity positively contributes to health, inactivity progressively increases with age. The Dose Response to Exercise in Women aged 45-75 yr (DREW) study is designed to(More)
Radhard-by-design has been advanced by embedding EDAC into a 16Mbit SRAM to harden the SRAM against single event upset. Conventional radhard-by-design techniques are used for the non-memory circuitry. The estimated uncorrectable double bit error rate is 2.9 times 10<sup>-16 </sup> errors/bit-day assuming a geosynchronous orbit, the Adam's 90% worst case(More)
A RadHard-by-design, PLL-based, single chip, clock network and clock generator solution has been designed, manufactured and tested. Hardness test results for the Aeroflex Colorado Springs RadClock/spl trade/ clock generator circuit designed for harsh space environment applications are presented.
Silicon Carbide is often proposed as a sensor material for use in harsh environment applications such as monitoring gas turbines and internal combustion engines. However, little SiC survivability research has been reported for these environments. In this work, data is reported for silicon and amorphous silicon carbide (a-SiC) coated die survivability in a(More)
A predictive SET event frequency model is used to describe the SET performance at any operating condition of a next generation PLL with 189,440 combinations of operating conditions. A DOE approach and 24 cross-section versus LET curves are used to model the large operating space of this PLL.
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