Alex Murillo

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It is well known that considering a non-Euclidean Minkowski metric in Multidimensional Scaling, either for the distance model or for the loss function, increases the computational problem of local minima considerably. In this paper, we propose an algorithm in which both the loss function and the composition rule can be considered in any Minkowski metric,(More)
Given a set of objects and a symmetric matrix of dissimilarities between them, Unidimensional Scaling is the problem of finding a representation by locating points on a continuum. Approximating dissimilarities by the absolute value of the difference between coordinates on a line constitutes a serious computational problem. This paper presents an algorithm(More)
We use the heuristics known as ant colony optimization in the partitioning problem for improving solutions of k-means method. Each ant in the algorithm is associated to a partition, which is modified by the principles of the heuristics; that is, by the random selection of an element, and the assignment of another element which is chosen according to a(More)
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