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We present an original method for partitioning by automatic classification , using the optimization technique of tabu search. The method uses a classical tabu search scheme based on transfers for the minimization of the within variance; it introduces in the tabu list the indicator of the object transfered. This method is compared with two stochastic(More)
Given a set of objects and a symmetric matrix of dissimilarities between them, Unidimensional Scaling is the problem of finding a representation by locating points on a continuum. Approximating dissimilarities by the absolute value of the difference between coordinates on a line constitutes a serious computational problem. This paper presents an algorithm(More)
We use the heuristics known as ant colony optimization in the partitioning problem for improving solutions of k-means method. Each ant in the algorithm is associated to a partition, which is modified by the principles of the heuristics; that is, by the random selection of an element, and the assignment of another element which is chosen according to a(More)
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