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Tc1-like transposable elements from teleost fish have been phylogenetically examined to determine the mechanisms involved in their evolution and conserved domains of function. We identified two new functional domains in these elements. The first is a bipartite nuclear localization signal, indicating that transposons can take advantage of the transport(More)
Colorectal cancer in pregnancy is rare, with a reported incidence of 0.002%.1 Approximately 275 cases of colon cancer associated with pregnancy have been reported in the literature.2 A review of 205 of these cases performed by Bernstein et al3 demonstrated that 85% of these cancers were located below the peritoneal reflection. The symptoms of colorectal(More)
A concept that currently steers the development of cancer therapies has been that agents directed against specific proteins that facilitate tumorigenesis or maintain a malignant phenotype will have greater efficacy, less toxicity and a more sustained response relative to traditional cytotoxic chemotherapeutic agents. The clinical success of the targeted(More)
Oligonucleotide-directed mutagenesis was used along with the dut and ung genetic selection method of Kunkel to introduce large site-specific deletions into cDNAs cloned into phagemid vectors. We find that large deletions can be achieved with an efficiency equal to that of single point mutations, with a very low frequency of aberrent clones. To facilitate(More)
Transferrin (TF), a major plasma protein, binds and transports ferric iron. Evidence exists for unique roles for TF in brain in oligodendrocyte differentiation, myelination and neuronal development. In this study, 5' flanking regions of the TF gene important in regulating gene expression were identified by transfected cell studies and a comparison of 5'(More)
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