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Two faecal occult blood tests (FOBTs), Hemoccult II (guaiac based) and Hemeselect (immunochemical) were compared in a population screening for colorectal cancer on 24 282 subjects aged 40-70. Hemeselect was interpreted according to a lower (+ and +/-) and a higher (+) positivity threshold. A total of 8008 compliers were enrolled in the study. Positivity(More)
Each year in the US, 628,000 people suffer an ankle sprain, and 795,000 suffer a new or recurrent stroke. Due to improved survival rates after stroke, significant increases in stroke population are projected by 2030. So far, there is no cost-effective robotic ankle/balance trainer in the market. In this paper, we present the Virtually-Interfaced Robotic(More)
Screening for colorectal cancer by means of unhydrated Hemoccult (HO) is in progress in the Province of Florence since 1982. In 1990 rehydrated HO was introduced in the town of Empoli. Five adjacent municipalities where screening had started in 1987 were selected for comparison. In both areas subjects aged 40-70 were invited by mail to undergo the screening(More)
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